Watch out! An Angel is driving.

Having conversations with my angels and other guardian spirits is not unusual for me, but the other day one stepped into body while I was driving. He was one of my more familiar angels and he liked driving the car with me.

He said, “ I have a story to tell you today.”

“Ok. Go ahead,” I responded while feeling his energy both through me and around me. He was definitely driving today.

“Those like myself help to guide people through their lives. Sometimes it is like when you drive your car. Except in our realm we are the drivers. We have a hold of the steering wheel. We try and guide people thru their life. We help them out and keep them on their path during this time.” He paused for a moment and then went on as I listened.

“Some people have strong egos or are influenced by other people. These are the people who at times need us to grab a hold of the steering wheel firmly to straighten them out.  Sometimes, they fight it so hard that they cause themselves to crash into a wall. A few of them we are able to divert away from the wall before they crash. Others are allowed to crash because they are so set in their path of destruction, it is the only way they are able to change direction and head in the right direction.”

I interrupted here. “What if they do not change direction?”

“Then they are allowed to back up and go forward again and again into that wall until they either get tired, get stuck or get other help by asking for it,” he said. “Sometimes it takes what you call a tow truck to pick them up and move them. That would be a whole group of us.”

I could feel him grin and then suddenly get serious again.

“ Some people we can steer through life using both hands, but a much lighter grip. They pay attention a bit better than others. Some only need to be guided with one hand, but those who bring us great joy and who communicate with us only need one finger on the steering wheel to guide them,” He concluded.

About that time I arrived at my destination and parked the car. I thought about what had been said for a moment and knew he was waiting for the question.

“Which one am I?” I asked.

“You have been all of them. You have improved as time has gone on. It is as it should be.” With this he let go of the steering wheel and the energy of his presence faded. The lesson was over.