Does that crack bleed?


My 5 year old grandson was observing my 61 year old big toe. He asked me if that big crack  bleeds on the pad of my toe. I just kind of looked at him for a second.

No, it does not bleed.

Does it hurt?

No, it does not hurt.

But, it’s a big crack, Gramma. It’s gotta hurt.

I had to explain that I have old feet. I have walked on these feet for many years. I am usually barefoot. Gramma’s feet have calluses. Places where the skin is harder and sometimes between the soft skin and the hard skin a wrinkle forms.

He couldn’t wrap his head around that explanation.

Are you sure it doesn’t hurt?

No, it doesn’t hurt. Wrinkles don’t hurt, but thanks for caring enough to ask.




Today She Wept

I recently started officially working as a spiritual independent contractor again. This after a long hiatus due to the death of my husband in 2013 and then suffering a crushed vertebra in 2015. I had surgery in 2016 on the injured vertebra. Today I sat with no clients, but had been told by Spirit that I would help a woman. I waited. A friend of a fellow healer called and asked if we had a room open so the fellow healer could spend time there. Her husband had died that morning. My new healing room had been her healing room. I told the owner my room was free and I would remove my personal items so the request could be fulfilled in a room the new widow would be comfortable in. Myself and three other healers comforted the new widow, brought in healing energy and the presence of many angels. Today spirit said I would help a woman and I was honored to do so.