Does that crack bleed?


My 5 year old grandson was observing my 61 year old big toe. He asked me if that big crack  bleeds on the pad of my toe. I just kind of looked at him for a second.

No, it does not bleed.

Does it hurt?

No, it does not hurt.

But, it’s a big crack, Gramma. It’s gotta hurt.

I had to explain that I have old feet. I have walked on these feet for many years. I am usually barefoot. Gramma’s feet have calluses. Places where the skin is harder and sometimes between the soft skin and the hard skin a wrinkle forms.

He couldn’t wrap his head around that explanation.

Are you sure it doesn’t hurt?

No, it doesn’t hurt. Wrinkles don’t hurt, but thanks for caring enough to ask.



Today She Wept

I recently started officially working as a spiritual independent contractor again. This after a long hiatus due to the death of my husband in 2013 and then suffering a crushed vertebra in 2015. I had surgery in 2016 on the injured vertebra. Today I sat with no clients, but had been told by Spirit that I would help a woman. I waited. A friend of a fellow healer called and asked if we had a room open so the fellow healer could spend time there. Her husband had died that morning. My new healing room had been her healing room. I told the owner my room was free and I would remove my personal items so the request could be fulfilled in a room the new widow would be comfortable in. Myself and three other healers comforted the new widow, brought in healing energy and the presence of many angels. Today spirit said I would help a woman and I was honored to do so.



Tonight we talk about the living person who is a Lost Soul. How to recognize one, deal with one, why they are a Lost Soul and whether a Lost Soul wants your help or not. Also tonight Nancy answers a question about Soul Tribes. What they are, different names they go by and the purpose they serve.



Today Nancy will be talking about the Soul Loss. How to know you are suffering from soul loss and is there anything you can do for yourself if you feel you have soul loss.



After almost 2 years on a personal hiatus, Nancy Zilversmit, the host of Outside the Box is back on the air March 11, 2015 to share stories, adventures with Spirit and various subject matter of the spiritual, paranormal and metaphysical events in the known and unknown world. This week she has some email, Facebook, and text questions she will answer on the air and will touch on some of the matters of recent manifestations that she has been experiencing. Sometimes letting go opens the doors for Manifestation. The show is both audio and podcast to YouTube immediately after airing live.



Why would 100% positive not always work? I believe it is so, so it is! I hear this a lot from those who believe that the 100% does work all the time. They just are in denial. Even they have their doubts, but do not want to admit it, even to themselves. Then, one day they wake up and wonder why what they were trying to manifest was just not happening. Not even close.

They will whine, “The Universe did not give me what I wanted!” (whine…whine…sniffle)

Well, honey, I hate to break it to you, but maybe the Universe was not in alignment with your wishes cause you didn’t get up and move your butt.

Part of the problem is they were just sitting there meditating in front of that vision board thinking if they did that enough what they wanted will drop out of the sky and into their lap. Brings visuals of the house spinning down from the sky and killing the Wicked Witch of the East in the Wizard of OZ. Be careful what you ask for.

The person asking for the manifestation never took that step forward to get things in motion and the actions that go with it. It’s called “Doing the WORK”. This is discussed in Manifestation Part 1 – Upside Your Head. Sometimes it is more than just doing the work. There are barriers. Sometimes, they are small barriers that require just require a small amount of work to do so you can move on towards your manifestation goal. Just do it! Get it done and out of your way. Dissolve that barrier with your actions. Do the work and be done with it. Take time to feel good about yourself afterwards too. That is important.

What if the barriers seem like you are looking at the Wall of China? Break it down into doable portions. What makes up your barrier? Let’s take a look at some of the possibilities.

  • Emotional ownership. Own your own emotions. Know the difference between what is yours and what is someone else’s. You can listen to other’s stories and experiences with compassion, but do not take on the burden of another’s emotions. You can sympathize, but when you go on with your own life leave those emotions behind. They are not yours. Misery loves company, but don’t take misery home with you.
  • Cultural pressure. Because of religious, ethnic, social reasons we may be holding ourselves back because of what others opinions are about our possible manifestations. You know these. You have to decide and have the courage to either balance or walk away from these pressures.                       “We expected so much more of/for you.”
    “We don’t do things that way.”
    “We don’t believe in that, why do you? How could you?”
    “You are suppose to become (fill in space). It’s what we want.”
    “You are not one of us anymore if you do this”
  • Force of will. Being pressured into something by others causing self doubt, low self esteem, the feeling of being controlled, negative projection of another being forced on you. These examples of the force of will are extremely toxic to your mental and emotional being. Rid yourself of these toxic relationships. You will be able to breath much easier and it will feel as if a weight has been lifted off your back
  • Fear of attracting misfortune. First off, you are trying to manifest good things. So why are you in fear? Fear is crippling and creating something imagined in the future in your mind. You should stay focused on the work and not waste time in the imagined fear of the future. What you are working on in the present moment is real. Fear is not.
  • Emotional denial. Sometimes we have so much invested in the positive of life that we forget there is some other emotional junk that we have been dragging around and need to let go of. In other words, losing to ultimately gain. We have become our own barrier. Don’t point the finger elsewhere as the cause. Accept the responsibility and clean it up. This may be something you can do yourself or you may have to help from others. It is not something to be ashamed of. It is not something to push back into your emotional closet. It remains within you until you truly release it. Emotional denial may include anger, ego, greed, depression, insecurity, fear and the need of forgiveness of self or others. Accept. Get help. Release in layers if necessary.

Remember, with manifestation 100% positive does not always work to get what you want. There may be barriers large and small. Work through dissolving those barriers a piece at a time. You will get there if you keep focus. If you are sidetracked by a barrier, then stop and re-evaluate where you are. Focus on where you want to go. Start again and continue the work towards that which you are aiming to manifest. It can take time, but you can do it!


At the beginning of a new year and like every other year you hear people going on about resolutions. Things they want to lose or swear off or end. Resolutions that are mostly broken before 1/12 of the year has ended. That minus from you life. Mostly dead on contact resolutions or resolutions you dabbled with just enough to get your fingers dirty and decide you weren’t going to go there because it was too much work to subtract something out of your life. So, you give up.

You are not good at subtraction. What about addition? The other flip side of the coin. The one everyone wants. Addition of stuff, people, money, relationships, more stuff. Good stuff. Positive stuff. We are a world of accumulating stuff.

It’s called MANIFESTATION. It’s not always a good thing even when we think it is. Sometimes it will just leave you with a lot more crap you will have to make a resolution for next year to get rid of. All that stuff you tore out of magazines and glued to your vision board.

I am not a fan of vision boards. I abhor the wasting of time going thru magazines looking for pictures and words. It’s like a group gossip session with ripping sounds, then the slathering of glue on construction paper or cardboard that you are suppose to hang somewhere so it stares you in the face daily. This with praying, chanting or putting your desires out to the Universe that you deserve all the stuff in the pictures, then wondering why nothing is happening.

Let us step back away from this a minute and take a look at the word MANIFEST. It comes from the Latin word manufestus. From manus (“hand”) + festus the participle of fendere (“strike”).

The dictionary meaning (Websters 1851) is: the act of disclosing what is secret, unseen or obscure. Discovery in the eye or understanding. The exhibition of anything by clear evidence or display. Made clear, evident, obvious or apparent.

Hmmm…so literally, this word MANIFEST can be interpreted as you wanting to see or understand the obvious, but it may require being struck upside your head by someone’s hand.


Here is that clear enough for you?

Sometimes it takes something big for a person to get the idea. Let’s take a look at an ancient story from the Bible. No one can just see God. God has to manifest to be seen. The act of disclosing the unseen. Discovery in the eye or understanding. The exhibition of anything by clear evidence or display. Made clear, evident, obvious or apparent.

Moses saw God as a burning bush. The bush talked to him and declared itself to be God. This was God’s manifestation. A great honor. Moses was literally struck upside the head with this manifestation. The manifestation of God required that Moses had work to do.

Moses had long before desired, set intention, that his people be freed from slavery. Intention sets forth another whole cycle. A double manifestation. One manifestation by God, who told Moses he was going to get his manifestation of freedom for his people, but there was something Moses had to do. God then set forth for Moses WORK that needed to be done. With the work done, and several more manifestations to convince the Pharaoh to let the people go, Moses got what he wanted.

So. Moses did not just get what he wanted dropped in his lap. He had to take the steps and DO THE WORK. He did not know it was going to be as monumental as it turned out to be. He did not know it was going to be a lifetime of work to get his people to their Promised Land, which he himself would not step foot in. It was work, sweat and tears. It did not come easy. It was work. Something many modern people seem to be allergic to. Doing the work. Sometimes that work is in stages and develops into something more. It is not just a vision board. It is much more.

So what is it? I can give you a few guidelines. Your personal journey with manifesting may have more or maybe even less steps. Remember these are only guidelines.

1. Set the intention of bringing forth an idea or desire. Intention gets the ball rolling, but it does more than that.

2. Something Greater than you listens. Be it the Universe, God, Goddess, angels or others and there are a vast number of “others” in the spectrum. Have trust, faith and respect for that something Greater.

3. Be careful what you ask for. If you ask for a new car and not exactly how you will get it, remember, something Greater than you listens.

4. Be SPECIFIC. Put some boundaries on how and what you are wanting. If you are not specific there may be a price to pay you had not counted on.

5. The manner in which it happens may not be the way you would have had it happen…but it happens. I once had a friend who did this. She had no money to buy a new car. She was not specific as to how it would procured. She did not set boundaries. She ended up in a car accident and totaled her old car. Her insurance got her a new car. There was a price that had to be paid for that intention. She did not escape unscathed from the car accident and needed medical attention and therapy for some time afterwards. Re-read 3 & 4.

6. You have set the intention and now you have to take a step forward to achieve that intention. Sometimes it requires many steps. It’s called doing the work. WORK. If you think that is a dirty word, then know you will end up paying a price. It’s better to do the work. Just get off your fricken ass and do it.

7. When you do the work you need to stay on top of things. Respond to every action and reaction ASAP. Don’t procrastinate or dawdle. If you do then you will miss opportunities that are thrown your way. RESPOND.

8. What are you willing to do for this intention to manifest? Remember it’s called work for a reason. Somebody has to do it. Your intention. Your work. Plain and simple. It may mean you have to rearrange your life and make changes. So make them and don’t whine about it. How bad do you want it?

9. Are your ready for that manifestation of your intention to happen? Hang on cowboy/cowgal. It may happen smooth as a Tennessee Walker horse or as wild as a bucking bronco. It may take some time or it may happen very quickly.

10. Make sure you give your thanks and gratitude to that something Greater and to anyone on the physical plane who may have helped you on this project. You never know when you may need to set another intention for manifestation.

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