Don’t let them write your life for you.

Every now and then Yeshua (Jesus) allows me a view into what his life was really like during his time. He makes comments about how the doctrines and practices shape the belief system of how people perceive his life. Though in fact he does not recognize his life as it is written. He has voiced this complaint to me many times.

Today he lead me out on the internet in a search for the high points in his life as written in the bible and search for parallels in other religions. I was amazed at the results.

Yeshua said, “ They rewrote my life to fit into a particular pattern that would be acceptable to the people. More familiar to the people. There has been criteria that ‘Saviors’ and ‘Messiahs’ have been made to fit into whether it was true or not.  One or two items on the list might actually be true about the person, including me, but the rest of it was borrowed from this criteria list.”

He went on to say, “My life as depicted is not my life. Some of the miracles are intact that are about the healings and exorcisms. Some of the teachings are intact although not complete. Many of these things have been changed or embellished.”

He then stopped talking for a moment and took both my hands and leaned his face down to mine and said, “Write your stories of your life experiences while you are still living. Publish them and get enough copies of it out to the people. Do not let them do to you what they did to me.  Do not let them rewrite who you are and what you did in your life. You need to break the belief pattern, the ‘Savior’ and ‘Messiah’ pattern.”

Then he stressed. “ You need to be remembered as Mother wishes you to be remembered, not how man wishes to create your life for you.”

I looked back at him and stated, “ Well, the pattern breaking has already started off on the right foot then,” I paused as he looked at me and then I continued, “ I am not male.”




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