Why would 100% positive not always work? I believe it is so, so it is! I hear this a lot from those who believe that the 100% does work all the time. They just are in denial. Even they have their doubts, but do not want to admit it, even to themselves. Then, one day they wake up and wonder why what they were trying to manifest was just not happening. Not even close.

They will whine, “The Universe did not give me what I wanted!” (whine…whine…sniffle)

Well, honey, I hate to break it to you, but maybe the Universe was not in alignment with your wishes cause you didn’t get up and move your butt.

Part of the problem is they were just sitting there meditating in front of that vision board thinking if they did that enough what they wanted will drop out of the sky and into their lap. Brings visuals of the house spinning down from the sky and killing the Wicked Witch of the East in the Wizard of OZ. Be careful what you ask for.

The person asking for the manifestation never took that step forward to get things in motion and the actions that go with it. It’s called “Doing the WORK”. This is discussed in Manifestation Part 1 – Upside Your Head. Sometimes it is more than just doing the work. There are barriers. Sometimes, they are small barriers that require just require a small amount of work to do so you can move on towards your manifestation goal. Just do it! Get it done and out of your way. Dissolve that barrier with your actions. Do the work and be done with it. Take time to feel good about yourself afterwards too. That is important.

What if the barriers seem like you are looking at the Wall of China? Break it down into doable portions. What makes up your barrier? Let’s take a look at some of the possibilities.

  • Emotional ownership. Own your own emotions. Know the difference between what is yours and what is someone else’s. You can listen to other’s stories and experiences with compassion, but do not take on the burden of another’s emotions. You can sympathize, but when you go on with your own life leave those emotions behind. They are not yours. Misery loves company, but don’t take misery home with you.
  • Cultural pressure. Because of religious, ethnic, social reasons we may be holding ourselves back because of what others opinions are about our possible manifestations. You know these. You have to decide and have the courage to either balance or walk away from these pressures.                       “We expected so much more of/for you.”
    “We don’t do things that way.”
    “We don’t believe in that, why do you? How could you?”
    “You are suppose to become (fill in space). It’s what we want.”
    “You are not one of us anymore if you do this”
  • Force of will. Being pressured into something by others causing self doubt, low self esteem, the feeling of being controlled, negative projection of another being forced on you. These examples of the force of will are extremely toxic to your mental and emotional being. Rid yourself of these toxic relationships. You will be able to breath much easier and it will feel as if a weight has been lifted off your back
  • Fear of attracting misfortune. First off, you are trying to manifest good things. So why are you in fear? Fear is crippling and creating something imagined in the future in your mind. You should stay focused on the work and not waste time in the imagined fear of the future. What you are working on in the present moment is real. Fear is not.
  • Emotional denial. Sometimes we have so much invested in the positive of life that we forget there is some other emotional junk that we have been dragging around and need to let go of. In other words, losing to ultimately gain. We have become our own barrier. Don’t point the finger elsewhere as the cause. Accept the responsibility and clean it up. This may be something you can do yourself or you may have to help from others. It is not something to be ashamed of. It is not something to push back into your emotional closet. It remains within you until you truly release it. Emotional denial may include anger, ego, greed, depression, insecurity, fear and the need of forgiveness of self or others. Accept. Get help. Release in layers if necessary.

Remember, with manifestation 100% positive does not always work to get what you want. There may be barriers large and small. Work through dissolving those barriers a piece at a time. You will get there if you keep focus. If you are sidetracked by a barrier, then stop and re-evaluate where you are. Focus on where you want to go. Start again and continue the work towards that which you are aiming to manifest. It can take time, but you can do it!